Characteristics of nodular cast iron and high purity pig iron

  • Optimized reliable raw materials collocation
  • The most advanced and accurate inspection system
  • The most clean and clear quality products
  • The most efficient in place of quality classification
  • The scientific energy saving design
  • The first strict production process
  • The most standardized production process control
  • The most intimate perfect after-sales service

Pig Iron Main Market and Partners

It is widely used in automobile and automobile engine manufacturing, wind power generation, shipbuilding, large motor, machine tool and other machinery manufacturing, complete sets of equipment manufacturing, new material manufacturing, large casting manufacturing, special steel raw materials,etc. Has established a long-term stable cooperation with Dongfeng motor, Qingling motor, Shan’anxi Automobile Group, Changzhou diesel engine Group, Yituo tractors Group, Yuchai Group, Zhongtian chuanzhan company, Zhaoqing power plant, and our products infiltrate the southeast Asia area,enter the world high end pig iron market.

Have been awarded the “Shanxi province famous brand products”, passed through the national “MC” product certificate, was named “private steel quality construction steel in China brand”, and entered Mengxi high-speed railway, Yu-Wan, Xi-Cheng, Yu-Qian railway and Taiyuan, Xi’an, Chongqing, Chengdu cities’ rail transportation, airport, tunnel construction projects.

Inner quality standard of nodular cast iron (%)

Brand NO. Q04 Q08 Q10 Q12 Q14 Q16

chemical composition
C ≥3.40
Si <0.5 >0.5-0.73 >0.73-1.03 >1.03-1.28 >1.28-1.43 >1.43-1.83
Ti super grade <0.040
1st grade ≥0.040-0.050
2nd grade >0.050-0.070
Mn 1st grade <0.20
P super grade <0.040
1st grade ≥0.040-0.050
Si Specific class <0.02
1st class ≥0.02-0.028
Cr ≤0.01
Brand NO. C02 C04 C06 C08
chemical composition C ≥3.0
Si ≤0.3 0.3-0.5 0.5-0.7 0.7-0.9
Ti 1st grade ≤0.010
2nd grade >0.010-0.025
3rd grade >0.025-0.035
Mn 1st grade ≤0.050
2nd grade >0.050-0.100
P 1st grade ≤0.020
2nd grade >0.020-0.025
3rd grade >0.025-0.035
S 1st grade ≤0.015
2nd grade >0.015-0.020

The maximum value of 11 trace elements such as Cr, V, Mo, Sn, Sb, Pb, Bi, Te, As, B, Al and other trace elements in high purity pig iron should meet the following table:

Trace element Cr V Mo Sn Sb Pb Bi Te As B Al
Maximum value % 0.013 0.015 0.010 0.003 0.008 0.001 0.001 0.003 0.002 0.001 0.010

After 20 years of research and development, Jianbang Group explores unique technology, process lines, as well as strict safety control and quality management system.

Selection of raw materials – strict control the non-ferrous metals and harmful metals indicators

Innovative process technology – blast furnace smelting technology + outside furnace treatment technology, effective control of C, Si, Mn, P, S, Ti and other elements of indicators

Customized production in accordance with customer demand , reduce customer costs


  1. Brand No.
Chemical composition (mass fraction) %

Carbon equivalent

Ceq %

C Si Mn P S



0.25 0.80 1.60 0.045 0.045 0.54



  Brand NO.

Lower yield strength


Tensile strength

Rm MPa

Elongation after fracture



Maximum overall elongation

Agt %

R°m/R°eL R°eL/ReL
  HRB400 400 540 16 7.5
  HRB400E 9.0 1.25 1.30
  HRB500 500 630 15 7.5
  HRB500E 9.0 1.25 1.30

Note: R degree m is the measured tensile strength of steel bar;

R degree eL is the measured yield strength of reinforcing bar.




Resin hot-rolled steel bar with seven advantages

  • The most reliable and high-quality raw material protection : The company owns Australia’s high-quality mineral powder base and adopts a reasonable mix of high-quality raw materials to provide reliable raw material protection for production.
  • The most advanced and accurate inspection system : Using Bruker S4 X-ray non-contact fluorescence analyzer from Germany, universal testing machine and impact testing machine manufactured by Tess Industrial Systems in the United States, all raw and auxiliary materials and finished products tested in the factory were inspected to ensure accurate data for each link. The indicator is fully controlled.
  • The most stable and stable quality product : “JB” brand hot-rolled ribbed steel bar for resin bolts is the most stable steel used in the country. The product has excellent concentricity and verticality, is easy to process, has high strength, high elongation, and ensures maximum use of mines. Anchor reinforcement safety.
  • Fastest quality classification: Different grades of resin bolts with different specifications will be produced with hot-rolled ribbed steel bars, which will be categorized by the sales company according to customer needs, and provide the user with test data for each batch of products sent to ensure the accuracy of product analysis data. Sexuality and timeliness, to meet the different requirements of customers.
  • The most elaborate and rigorous production process : From the raw material procurement, testing, ingredients, smelting, rolling, sampling to classification according to customer requirements, transportation and other links have MES system and process card control, so that products have traceability.
  • The most standardized production process control : Adopting the leading domestic bar production line designed by China Metallurgical Co., Ltd., Beijing Ruixin Long Products Co., Ltd., the company introduced new technology from Germany and implemented standardized process control to make the product have full strength and high material utilization rate.
  • Most intimate and perfect after-sales service : The company has professional and technical personnel to solve the problems encountered by customers in the production process, to the quality of customer feedback, and make every effort to achieve the province within 24 to reach the scene, within 48 hours outside the province to reach the scene, to ensure that the first time to come to the customer service.

Rebar Size and Allowable Deviation for Resin Anchor Rods


Inner diameter

Cross rib height

Cross rib pre-width (mm)

Out of roundness (mm)

Cross-rib spacing (mm)

Nominal size

Allowable deviation Nominal size

Allowable deviation

Nominal size

Allowable deviation


16 +0.5


1.5 ±0.4 1.0 ≤0.4 11.5 ±0.5





1.5 ±0.4 1.3 ≤0.4 13.3 ±0.5
φ20 20 +0.5


1.5 ±0.4 1.3 ≤0.4 13.3


φ22 22 +0.2


0.8 +0.3


1.1 ≤0.4 12


The mechanical properties of hot-rolled steel bars for resin bolts


Yield strength (mm)

Tensile strength (MPA)

Elongation (%)

not less than

MC335 335




430 585



500 630






Logistics advantages: Jianbang Group’s three-station and three-lane railway dedicated lines have an annual throughput of more than 1,000 tons, which is convenient and quick, and can meet the freight demand and send them to all parts of the country in time.