Project Description


Bar Mill / Wired Rod

The Prestressed Wire and Prestressed Steel Strand

  • type of products:  SWRH82B
  •  specification of products: φ12.5
  • Criteria : JIS G 3506-2004
  • Range of use : Used for prestressed wire and prestressed steel strand
  • Applications: The prestressed wire and prestressed steel strand are widely used for the high rise buildings, bridges, Petroleum chemical industry, railways, airfields, major projects of such as power stations and the Dams.

Introduction of products:

“JB” brand high carbon steel wire rod was developed in the year 2015, after nearly three years of innovative research and development, the high carbon steel wire rod has stable chemical composition now, also its super pure steel quality and uniform micro structure make it have many advantages such as good drawing performance and its enough strength and shrinkage, and nowadays we have made a long-term co-operation with Guizhou wire rope factory, Star science and technology companies.

The Carbon Steel Hot Rolled Wire Rod

  • type of products: 60,65 70 and 75
  • specification of products:φ6.5、φ8
  • Criteria: GB/T 4354-2008
  • Range: to make carbon spring steel wire, prestressed wire, high strength high quality carbon structure steel wire, coating wire, galvanizing strand and wire rope, etc
  • Application: galvanized steel wires, galvanized steel strands which are used in electricity power plants, cable plants, post and telecommunications fields, sofa mattress with spring steel wire, wire rope, etc.

Introduction of production:

The carbon steel hot rolled wire rod was developed in the year 2015, after nearly three years of innovative research and development, at present, all the advantages such as the hard wire rod products’ surface quality, internal quality and content uniformity, as well as organizational performance which are suitable for the drawing has been affirmed by the end-users, and it can better adapt to the needs of all kinds of cold processing purpose, meet the requirements of different intensity usage, and it is now widely used in various fields of national products.


  • Products type: 30MnSi
  • Sizes:φ8、φ10、φ12mm
  • Criteria : GB/T 24587-2009
  • Range of use : Used for manufacturing prestressed concrete steel bars
  • Areas of application: as the main raw material of prestressed concrete steel bars, after deep processing ,the products are mainly used for port concrete pipe pile, high-rise building foundation  concrete pipe pile and pier concrete pipe pile, etc.

Introduction of products:

Steel Bar for Prestressed Concrete, (hereafter referred to as the PC Steel Bar) is a kind of prestress strength bar,which was developed by Japan high frequency thermal refining corporation in the year 1960s, and it has high technology and the intensity level is middle. Due to its high strength and toughness, low relaxation, strong binding force with concrete, meanwhile, it is easy to be welded, upsetting and also it can save materials (such as φ11mm PC steel bar can replace the hot rolled steel bar of φ20mm), etc.

“JB” brand prestressed concrete steel hot-rolled wire rod bar 30 Mnsi is developed in 2012, and the purpose of our manufacturer is to provide stable raw materials for professional manufacturer,and our production is stable, specifications are complete,meanwhile, our production and testing equipments are advanced to ensure product performance.