TnPM Advancement Documentary of the Gas Station of Tongcai Energy Power Plant

In order to make TnPM activities truly enjoy the hearts of the people, the gas station established a year-long training and learning plan. Through weekly security activities, the gas station organizes the employees to study relevant concepts of TnPM in order to let employees understand why to implement TnPM and how to implement TnPM and to let employees think about what I can do for TnPM so that everyone can participate in TnPM activities. Employees realized that they couldn’t muddle along in work and they must have real techniques and real skills. The team also did a real job in this regard and vigorously carried out full-range training. For example:

“Based on internal training, a weekly employee-led training session focusing on on-site failures was conducted. Activities focusing on a single point of the existing problems were also held to improve the maintenance skills and resilience of the team employees.”

During the activity, the team employees automatically raised the maintenance standards, strove to learn more skills, and actively and proactively completed the production tasks. If the data and appliances are placed well, the efficiency of the work will be high; if the maintenance work is done well, there will be less worries for night shifts and a series of other warning statements are exactly what the employees feel in the management activities. At the same time, the quality of each employee was improved imperceptibly.