Factory Info

Application Area

The products have been used in Mongolia China Railway, Baolan Raiway, Yinxi high speed rail, urban overpassed, rail transit, airports, tunnels and other important construction projects in capital cities.

Employee Care

JianBang has invested over 5000 million RMB successively to build a training center. It has established a long-term cooperation relationship with Shanxi Institute of industry, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, DongBei University, ZhongNan University and so on. Through various skills training, the overall professional technical level of Jian Bang’s staff has been significantly improved. The staff are multi-skilled and can both operate and pass check through standardized skills appraisal. The annual salary is increased over 15% annually.


As a national green and low-carbon demonstration enterprise and the first private green factory in Shanxi Province. The company took the lead in being safe and environmental friendly, green and energy-saving as well as having closed-loop sustainable development. It is featured with water recycling, heat recovery, power generation with gas, iron-making with electricity, iron casting, steel rolling, deep processing and slag utilization in the industry. A five-kilometre conveyor belt ensures clean and enclosed conveying of raw and auxiliary materials. In addition, it has an enclosed storage bunker of 300,000 square meters and various advanced environmental protection facilities with a total investment of RMB 1 billion.

To ensure that environmental emission met the national standard. The domestic leading dry-process desulphurization super-clean purification device ensures ultra-low exhaust emission to meet the standard. When you visit Jianbang, you will find the safe operation of production facilities and well-organized business management. The 48% of factory land is a green area and has laid a solid foundation for Shanxi Provincial Green and Ecological Company. With the green vegetation absorbing carbon dioxide at rate of more than 1000 tons every year. The garden-style factory is full of tree-lined plants, singing birds and fragrant flowers.

Our Delivery

Rizhao Jinghong International Logistics Co., Ltd. Is the delivery company which belongs to Shanxi Jianbang Group. The main business of the company is ship agency, cargo transport agent, cargo loading, transportation information service, agency declaration, inspection service, general goods import and export, but the state limited company to operate or prohibit import and export commodities. The project must be approved according to law and can be carried out after approval by the relevant departments.