The Casting Company

The casting company has a 550m³ blast furnace and specializes in producing high quality nodular casting iron with annual production of 1 million tons.It has a production capacity advantage due to its market penetration of JB brand nodular casting iron and high-purity pig iron in domestic markets. Jianbang has established a long-term and solid cooperation alliance with Dongfeng Motor,Qingling Motors, Shanxi Automoblie Group, Changchai Group, YTO Group, Yuchai Group etc.The products have been exported to Southeast Asia and the EU. Now it is one of the key players in world high-end pig iron markets and intelligent manufacturing

Tongcai Iron Mill

Tongcai Iron Mill has the biggest blast furnace (capacity of 1860m³)among the private enterprises in Shanxi Province, 5 million tons of closed mechanized integrated raw materials plant and a 360㎡sintering kit. All these facilities are to ensure our leading position in the industry in terms of equipment and technical indices.

The Steel Mill

The Steel Mill has a complete set of production equipment for excellent and specialized steel which includes mixing furnace, convertor, refining furnace, 3XR10m six machine six-strand caster, electric bag dust removal, the new OG technology and gas purification system, a complete set of oxygen generation system with capacity of 11000m³, 15000m³ and 24000m³, the gas recovery station with total volume of 110,000m³ and a clean power generation system with total installed capacity of 180MW. The steel production capacity is 3 million tons.

The Rolling Mill

The Rolling Mill has the largest production line of all specification steel bar, mining support materials and industrial wire rod in Shanxi Province. It imported core equipment from Denieli in Italy, Sendenz in Sweden and Siemens for 1.8mt of special steel double high-line. The maximum rolling speed is 115m/s.