Company Properties

Shanxi Jianbang Group Casting Co., Ltd.
Shanxi Jianbang Group Casting Co., Ltd.

Company’s Properties

Jianbang Group has 9 entities and 15 branches including Jianbang Casting, Tongcai Steel Mill and Top Iron in Australia etc. It comprises of import and export trade, iron and steel making, steel rolling, precision casting, clean power generation, new building materials, mining, logistic, railway, property development, deep processing of steel and R&D for graphene. It is the largest wire and specialized manufacturer of mine supporting material. Jianbang strives to be the most productive and competitive steel mill in the region with a forward-thinking and modern concept.

Group companies

  • Beijing Topiron Resource Co., Ltd
  • Jianbang Casting Co.,Ltd
  • Tongcai Special Rail Co., Ltd
  • Changzhou Jianbang Materials Co.,Ltd
  • Hangzhou Jianbang Matreials Co.,Ltd
  • Guangzhou Jianbang Steel Co.,Ltd
  • Hubei Jianbang Foundfry Materials Co.,Ltd
  • Jianbang Property Co., Ltd
  • Lianyungang Jianbang International Trading Co., Ltd
  • Royal Advance(H.K) Investment Limited
  • Shandong Jianbang Import and Export Co., Ltd
  • Sichuan Jianbang Materials Co.,Ltd
  • Suzhou Jianbang International Trading Co., Ltd
  • Tangrong Auto Parts Co., Ltd
  • Australia Top Iron