Workmen from Tongcai Company Won Excellent Skill Award on Tongfeng Cup Welding Skill Contest in Yicheng County

Recently, two workmen of Tongcai Company named Jia Xuepeng and Wang Shuiming won the Excellent Skill Award on Tongfeng Cup Welding Skill Contest in Yicheng County, with the prize of RMB 1000 for each one and a certificate. Jia Xuepeng works in the oxygen generating workshop, and Wang Shuiming works in the power- generating workshop,and both of them are from the energy power plant of Tongcai Company. Tongfeng Cup was host by Linfen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Yicheng County Party Committee and Yicheng County Government, and organized by Yicheng County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Shanxi Tongfeng Technician Training School.

As one of the series professional skill contests supported by these institutions, Tongfeng Cup was held in Shanxi Tongfeng Technician Training School in order to further improve professional skills of Linfen people, launch a brand of “Linfen Technician”, and stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and employment. Jia and Wang have learned from other candidates during the contest, and they showed their excellent skills and won with proud. This award has won both the company and themselves great honor. We hope that they could level up their professional skills and the ability of learning and creating. We also expect that all staff in the company could hold the thought of not letting themselves left behind others, and value knowledge and labour, to make our company even better.