Jianbang Group Accepted “New Blood”

On the morning of July 30th, Jianbang Group’s welcome meeting for new staff who are fresh graduates in 2019 was held in the multimedia classroom in the group’s training building, presided over by Wang Guopeng, the training manager, who’s also taking a temperary post of a deputy diretor. Liu Liqiang, the director of group’s general department and general manager of the foundry company who’s taking a temperary post of the deputy director of the general department and the enterprise management manager, also attended the meeting. There were 42 graduates from more than 10 universities such as Beijing University of Science and Technology, North University of China, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology joined Jianbang family this year, including 3 postgraduates.

At the meeting, the new staff watched the corporate video together at first, knowing better about the group. Wang Guopeng then share his own experience in working and studying with them, saying that the company would provide the best opportunity to help the graduates grow up as soon as possible. He encouraged everyone to adapt quickly to their positions, face the challenges, use their head and dedicate the their work. At last, Liu Liqiang extended warm welcome and pointed out that coming to Jianbang is the first step for everyone to step out of the campus and enter the society, and it is a process of experience from a student to a good employee. The new staff should quickly change their roles for a different environment, show their talents if it’s needed, and face all difficulties and challenges with a grateful heart. He hoped that they could learn from work and how their value in production practice.

After the meeting, the new staff visited the branches of the group following Wang Yongpu, the group’s HR manager, to learn about the production and operation process and get familiar with future working environment.