Jianbang Group Company Organized Militia Military Training

In response to the county’s armed forces’ overall deployment requirements for the construction of militia in our county, and comprehensively improve the military skills and emergency response capabilities of the group’s registered militia, the company transferred 11 of the 2018 college students to participate in militia military training from July 15 to July 26.  The training lasted for 12 days. The training content was based on emergency riot prevention, criminal arrest, fire fighting, tactical formation, semaphore signal and live ammunition. The militia emergency company was prepared and concentrated production training was carried out.During the training period, the employees of the group strictly required themselves to meet the standards of the military and successfully completed various tasks, which was affirmed by the leaders of the county armed forces. Through this training, the cohesiveness and emergency rescue capability of the participating workers have been greatly improved, and the team spirit has become more prominent. After the training, everyone said that they should continue the military training style in the future work and contribute to the company’s career.