Chairman of Zheshang Development Group Co., Ltd. Visited Jianbang

On July 24th, Yuan Renjun, the chairman of Zheshang Development Group Co., Ltd. and his party including Liang Liang, the deputy general manager and Lei Bangjing, the manager of the operation management department, visited Jianbang Group. Wu Xiaonian, the chairman of Jianbang, Zhang Rui, the general manager, Liu Liqiang, the director of group’s general department and general manager of the foundry company, Chang Chongbin, the director of finance department and diversified ement, and Wu Huiqing, the director of the development department and the chief engineer, welcomed and accompanied them on their visit to 45MW power generation spot, ductile iron storage, 5-million-ton integrated raw material plant, railway special line and 1860m3 blast furnace cast house.

During the inspection, Zhang Rui introduced Yuan Yuanjun and his entourage to the company’s production capacity, product characteristics, technical equipment, etc., and focused on  the company’s work in new product development, industrial chain extension and other aspects have been elaborated in recent years. The two sides also exchanged discussions on current industry development trends, market environment, policy orientation, etc., and combed and analyzed the current cooperation content. They agreed that the two sides should continue to strengthen communication and give full play to their respective fields and jointly plan new cooperation directions, continue to create a new situation of building and sharing, mutual benefit and win-win.