Crane Operator Skill Contest Held in Tongcai Company

In order to further improve the operation level of the crane operators, and show the craftsman’s spirit of Jianbang’s workers in pursuit of excellence, Tongcai company recently organized a skill contest for crane operators. More than 30 operators from the steel mill had a fierce competition.

There were three parts in this contest —— driving between obstacles with a hanging disc, controlling a hanging disc to pass through a frame, and quick centering, which demands contestants to finish all the operation within five minutes. The contest aims to test the contestants’ technical ability and comprehensive psychological quality on stability, observing if their operation were stable, accurate, fast, safe and reasonable. There would be points deduction for timeout, touching, and out of range. Despite the difficulty of the contest, the contestants all remained stable and calm, and showed professional skills and outstanding performance after it started. Hard work pays off. After the contest, many contestants said that they had seen their own deficiency through this contest, and they would continue to study more to improve professional skills.

Each employee is a spokesperson for the corporate brand image. This contest further explained the group’s philosophy of “respecting labor, knowledge, talents, and creation” and the craftsman’s spirit of Jianbang people in the new era. Next, the Group will continue to increase its efforts to train talents and conduct technical competitions in its posts, continuously improve the technical level and quality of its employees, and accumulate more technical talents for the development of Jianbang Group.