Jianbang TnPM Phase II Project Summary & Phase III Kick-off Meeting of Successfully Held

On the morning of July 20, the project summary for the second phase of TnPM and the kick-off meeting for the third phase was successfully held in the conference center of Jianbang Group, with over 400 employees attended. During the meeting, Xia Hui, a senior consultant from Shareford Consulting Group, summarized related work in the second phase of TnPM project from three aspects including overall implementation, achievements and deficiencies, and analyzed and explained the idea for the third phase. Xu Baoqiang, the general manager of Shareford Consulting Group, then gave an explanation in a simple way about how and  informatization promote lean equipment management. Starting from original meaning of TnPM, he explained in detail the essence of total normalized productive maintenance, pointed out the breakthrough for on-site problem identification and resolution, and made it clear about the ultimate goal of TnPM project, which is ensuring a safe, efficient, low cost, long-term and stable system. Later, Zhang Xicheng, the director of production department and technology department, put forward the requirements and objectives for promotion of the next phase of TnPM project. In the end, Zhang Rui the general manager delivered a speech, pointing out that competitiveness comes from every employee’s quality and ability inside the enterprise, that only by continuous learning can they and the company’s competitiveness get improved. He emphasized that training is the best welfare for employees. The training experts and teachers of the Xuefu Group not only created a scientific and efficient TnPM operation management system for Jianbang, but also trained a high-quality professional equipment maintenance team for Jianbang through training. Every cadre and employee who participated in the project promotion has benefited a lot. Zhang demanded all staff to keep learning, do their best for the promotion of next phase of TnPM project with the guidance of the experts and teachers, intergrate the concept of lean production to the whole process of project promotion, and contribute to the construction of total normalized management system.