Pay Tribute to All Workers Who Work with the Heat

Despite the heat in July, staff engaged in production operations in Jianbang Group are still devoting themselves to work, strictly in accordance with the process requirements and job standards, and and completed the production planning tasks formulated by the company.

Workers on every production line are working with the summer heat, surrounded by sparks. Staff from different departments such as raw materials, logistics, production, quality inspection, and sales all worked together, demonstrating the spirit of contribution for being Jianbang workers. The trucks loaded with the products were driven to the factory area, delivered to the customers on time and in good quality, and into the construction sites.

We pay out respect to them, who are the driving force and backbone of the steady development of the company, for their perseverance, enthusiasm and hard work in the midsummer. And we are looking forward to build a better Jianbang together with these people.