Jianbang Group’s Commendation Meeting in June for Production Line Cost Reduction, Technical Innovation, and Resource Saving Held

On the morning of July 14, the group’s commendation meeting in June for production line cost reduction, technical innovation, and resource saving was held in the meeting center on the fourth floor in the training center, with over 400 staff attended. At the meeting, Zhao Liangjiang, who’s from the technical department, Wen Baotai and Qiu Junpeng, who come from the production department, respectively reported on technological innovation, repairing the old and utilizing the waste, cost reduction and completion of process indicators, and then carried out commendation. Wang Guopeng of the General Department announced the first batch of appointments for the in-house lecturers. On behalf of their units, Zhang Cuihong and Fu Wei, who come from the power plant, and Guan Wenbo, who’s from Tongcai Steelmaking Plant, shared their experience. Zhang Guoxiang, the expert in comprehensive and standardized management, summarized the comprehensive and standardized management system of the group company for the past six month. In the end, Zhang Rui, the group’s general manager, extended his congratulations to the winners and thanked them for their hard work on behalf of the group. Zhang pointed out that along with the country’s reform and opening up, Jianbang Group has a 31-year experience, and its tradition of commendation meeting also has lasting for 5 years. Nowadays, the technical innovation has reached a key period, requiring all staff to adhere to the idea of innovation to carry forward the core competitiveness of technological innovation. He emphasized that the comprehensive and standardized management should be fully implemented in 2019. The group has initially completed fine and standardized management, which requires all staff to keep in mind the concept of “the finer management, the more benefits”, and and continue to work together to promote the development of Jianbang Group.