Jianbang Group Held Branch and Subsidiary Summary Meeting for the First Half of 2019

From July 13th to 14th, Jianbang Group’s branch and subsidiary summary meeting for the first half of 2019 was successfully held in the conference room on the sixth floor of Jianbang International. Zhang Rui, the group’s general manager, Chang Chongbin, the director of finance department and diversified business department, Zhang Guoxiang, an expert in comprehensive and standardized management, and over 20 managers from branch companies home and abroad of the group attended the meeting, which was hosted by Chang Chongbin.

At the meeting, the general managers of the branches and subsidiaries of the Group reported in turns on their work in the past six months. Based on the production and operation in the first half of 2019, they focused on the highlights and shortcomings, experience and improvement programme, market forecast, and the planning for the second half of the year. Later, Chang Chongbin and Zhang Guoxiang commented on this summary meeting. Zhang Rui the general manager delivered a summary speech in the end.

After a comprehensive review and summary of the debriefing of the various companies in the first half of the year, Zhang Rui recognized the branches’ work, saying that the performance of each company basically met the company’s expectations. He also clarified the future development of the group company combing with the the outlook of the industry.

Zhang pointed out that a first-class enterprise requires first-class management, technical indicators, talents and economic benefits. The implementation of comprehensive and standardized management must be done in the group this year. At present, the development of the group faces the increasing uncertainty of the industry and the complicated situation of the market prospects, which demands an prompt improvement in management and internal energy.

Zhang emphasized that the summary meeting is not only a communication meeting to comprehensively sort out the production and operation of the company, but also a rare opportunity to learn from each other. He hoped that all branch companies and subsidiaries could stick to going global, concentrate on expanding new markets, and make every effort to accomplish our goals to make Jianbang a first-class steel enterprise.