Jianbang Concentrates on Production-increasing and Efficiency-improving in July

On the morning of July 13, Jianbang Vocational Training School signed a training cooperation agreement with WISDRI Engineering & Research Incorporation Ltd. In the training building, and the two sides started coordination on the talents training for gas power generation. Some of the leaders from two companies attended the signing ceremony, including Gao Xiufang, the Gao Xiufang, the principal of the training school, Wu Zhenjun, the director of group’s energy power plant, Jiang Huanhuan, the director of the WISDRI’s operation management office, Li Zizhen, the project manager, and Song Wanli, the commissioning manager.

At the signing ceremony, Gao Xiufang and Wu Zhenjun extended warm welcome to Jiang Huanhuan, Li Zizhen and their party, saying that the two sides have established good cooperative relations in the Hangang Longgang project and the Tianjin Rongcheng project since 2018. Through these the previous cooperation, mutual understanding has been enhanced and a consensus on cooperation has been formed. It is hoped that the two sides will take advantage of this cooperation as a starting point and continue to expand their cooperation depth and breadth to promote mutual development and progress. Jiang Huanhuan said that Jianbang Vocational Training School has always shown a high degree of professionalism. The school’s high-quality training courses and strong faculty were impressive. The signing of this cooperation agreement will further enhance the cooperation and friendship between the two companies and consolidate the cooperation results. She hopes that with the joint efforts and sincere cooperation of both parties, the Citizen Southern City Environmental Protection Gas Power Generation Training Base will be built here, and more and more gas power generation professionals will be cultivated to benefit the enterprise and benefit the society.