Technological Innovation and Patent Breakthrough

New Achievements in Jianbang’s Patent Work

The quality and quantity of patents is an important indicator of an enterprise’s innovation ability core competitiveness, and a symbol of its strength and vitality in the industry. In recent years, Jianbang Group has paid great attention to the application of patents. Under the guidance of the “management refinement and technological breakthroughs”, the group has been sticking to innovation-driven development, achieving fruitful patent applications. 32 national patents were obtained in only the first six months this year.

For many years, Jianbang Group has been adhering to the foundation of technical patent application. The Group’s technical center has led the formulation and implementation of the Patent Management System, which has opened up the prelude to the innovation of all members of Jianbang Group and the promotion of patent quality. With the support of the company’s board of directors and general manager’s office and the continuous efforts of all staff, the group has obtained many patented technologies. At the end of 2017, Shanxi Tongcai Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Jianbang Foundry Co., Ltd., were both rated as “High-tech Enterprises” in Shanxi Province, fully demonstrating the innovation capability and technical strength of Jianbang Group. In the future, Jianbang Group will continue to work hard to increase the quality of technological innovation patents, continuously improve management level, optimize mechanism guidance, enhance corporate patent awareness, comprehensively enhance independent innovation capability, and provide power for high-quality and sustainable development the company.