General Manager of Hebei Hengong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd Visited Jianbang Group

On the afternoon of July 10, Wei Zhiyong, the general manager of Hebei Hengong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd, and Li Libo, the director of the purchasing department as well as their party visited Jianbang Group. Cui Shaowu, the ductile iron manager of the sales company, welcomed and accompanied them on their visit to the ductile iron storage, the product exhibition hall and the 1.8-million dual high speed wire rod rolling production line, etc. Cui Shaowu extended warm welcome to Wei Zhiyong and his party, and introduced in detail to them about the history, technical equipment level, industrial structure of manufactured products, and product sales network of the group. He also explained in detail about the company’s current production and operation status as well as the achievements the company has made in industrial restructuring and product upgrading. Wei Zhiyong said that Jianbang Group is a modern steel enterprise with strength, orderly operation, reasonable product structure and strong competitiveness. He hoped that the two sides could strengthen business contacts, deepen cooperation and establish a relationship for mutual benefits.