Jianbang Foundry Organized Employees to Participate in 2019 Houma Annual “Ankang Cup” Safety Production Knowledge Competition

The 2019 Houma annual “Ankang Cup” safety production knowledge competition was held in Houma TV Station on the morning of July 9. There were 8 teams from different companies participating in the contest including Pingyang Heavy Industry, Zhangze Power, North Fenglei, Huaqiang Iron and Steel. Hou Qing, the director of Houma Emergency Management Bureau, and Ma Jinmin, the chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, watched the contest. The eight teams started a fierce competition, in which Wang Yanjun, Shi Yiran, Guo Yu, three candidates from Jianbang, answered the questions with sound safety theory knowledge and positive spirit, and finally won the first price after the several rounds such as required questions, quick response questions, and risk quiz questions. They were awarded by Houma Emergency Management Bureau, the Federation of Trade Unions, and the Health and Sports Bureau.