A Practice in Green Developing, A Better Jianbang in Building

For years, Jianbang Group has been committed to tree planting and environment protecting following the idea of “safe, green, low-carbon and cycle development”. After more than ten years of hard work, the overall green space has reached more than 48%, taking the lead in the region in creating a pleasant production and working environment.

One can enjoy a grander sight by climbing to a greater height. In order to further strengthen the ecological environment management, improve the overall image of the company, create a good working and living environment for employees, and completely change the stereotype of steel industry, Jianbang has invested heavily in the “Jianbang Metallurgical Industrial Park” project since 2018, which aims to build a AAA scenic area with a core theme of “How the Steel was Tempered”. This project will be characterized by reasonable steel industry and tourism sector arrangement, and is now in full swing, which will be a comprehensive tourist attraction integrating industrial education, steel culture and tourism. By then, the industrial park will become a fresh and beautiful business card in the region.

As an actor in building a beautiful China, Jianbang Group will continue to work together with various social sectors to contribute to the goal of building a better nation.