Director of Houma Train Operation Depot Visited Jianbang Group

Recently, An Zijun, the director of Houma Train Operation Depot, Li Junliang, the head of cargo center camp, Liu Xiaoliang, the director of Quwo Station, and Zhao Dongxu, who’s in charge of freight, visited Jianbang Group. Li Yongjian, the company’s secretary of the party committee, and Chang Hailong, the manager of railway dedicated line, welcomed them.

In the VIP room, both parties watched corporate videos and had a meeting. Li Yongjian extended a warm welcome to An Zijun and his party on behalf of the group, and thanked Houma Train Operation Depot for its support and care for these years. He then introduced in detail about current production and operation, product sales, logistics and transportation in Jianbang Group. An said that two parties have made great achievements and friendship during a dozen years of cooperation. According to him, the investigation is aiming at further knowing current production and operation of the enterprise, to understand problems the company is dealing with and suggestions. Homa Train Operation Depot would provide better service according to the actual situation of the enterprise sticking to supporting the enterprise’s development. The two sides also conducted in-depth exchanges on the implementation of the policy for gradually converting commodity road transport into rail transport and the further improvement of transportation capacity.