Safety and Environmental Protection Knowledge Contest Successfully Held in Jianbang

On the evening of July 2, the seventh Safety and Environmental Protection Knowledge Contest was held in group’s conference center by Jianbang, with Xie Xiaowei, the deputy general manager of Home of Metallurgy attending. Before the contest, Liu Liqiang, the director of group’s general department and the general manager of the foundry company, delivered a speech and wished the event a complete success. There were 8 teams participating in the final competition, which consists of six parts, including individual questions, team questions and shows, as well as interactive activities during the breaks of the contest. After two hours of fierce competition, the team from Tongcai Steelmaking Company won the first prize. Li Yongjian, the secretary of the company’s party committee, then announced the annual evaluation and commendation list in the company’s party committee. Yan Genxiu, the secretary-general of group’s work safety committee and environmental protection committee, presided over the award ceremony. The leaders awarded metals and prices to annual outstanding party members, the Red Flag party groups, advanced party branches, and the winners of the contest, the comprehensive emergency plan drill competition and the safety and environmental protection photography contest.

In the end, Zhang Rui the general manager summarized and reviewed the contest, speaking of it as both a significant inspection of safety and environmental protection work over the past year, and a chance for all staff to learn and move forward by joining in the contest. He pointed out that there is no shortcut for safety and environmental protection work. Only when all staff implement related work on their position can they exterminate the possibility of occurrence trouble and maintain a lasting stability in production and management. Zhang called on all staff to work hard to carry out safety and environmental protection work, and to continuously improve themselves for a better Jianbang.