Jianbang Group’s Buiness Etiquette and Communication Skill Training Began

In order to improve staff’s the overall quality and service for a better corporate image with growing soft power, Jianbang Group has set up a business etiquette and communication skill training course with the theme of “Better Business Behavior Wins you Wider Business Connection”, which began in Jianbang International Conference Center on Jun 30. The well-known etiquette trainer Jin Lan was invited to give to more than 100 middle- and high-level leading cadres of the group.

Having more than 10 years of experience in business etiquette training, Jin Lan has conducted business etiquette training for many well-known enterprises such as Sinopec Group, State Grid and Bank of China. Starting from the topic “Etiquette is competitiveness”, Jin Lan elaborated on image building and skills for meeting and communicating, and carried out the training with humor and vivid examples aiming to behaviors in official reception, conferences, banquets, seating, etc. The cadres and employees showed great interest in participating in the interaction, and had a more comprehensive and clear understanding of business etiquette and communication. According to them, participating in the training is a great experience. They hoped that they could apply what they learned to daily work to improve themselves and more importantly, show the spirit and first-class management level of Jianbang.