Quwo Government Leaders Visited Party Members in Poverty

To commemorate the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, some leaders of Quwo county government including Fan Huijun, the secretary of Quwo County Party Working Committee of Non-public Economic Organizations and director of Market Regulation Bureau, and Su Wei, the secretary of Quwo County Party Committee of Non-public Economic Organizations, came to Tongcai Company visiting party members who are in poverty before July 1, the CPC’ s birthday. Li Yongjian, the secretary of the company’s party committee, and Dui Ruijie, the secretary of the party branch and the organization secretary of the party committee, welcomed them. On behalf of the county government, Fan Huijun sent 500rmb and necessaries including a quilt, Qinzhouhuang foxtail millet, electric oven and milk to a party member in poverty named Jia Guozhen in the activity center for party members. Fan encouraged Jia to be optimistic facing the difficulties and work hard to contribute to company’s development.