Group Corporate Culture Values Training Successfully Held in the Training Center

Recently, a corporate culture values training for Jianbang Group was held in the conference room on the fourth floor of the training center, hosted by Wang Guopeng, with the enterprise manager and training manager, with 400 people including some middle-level and above cadres and technologists.

At the training, Zhang Guoxiang the teacher elaborated on the definition, function and content of corporate culture based on the operation and management of the group. Later, Zhang Rui the general manager and also the trainer, deeply analyzed the background for corporate culture formation from the perspectives of humanities, innovation and standard based on group’s history, and shared his outlook of future development and corporate culture of the group. Zhang Rui stressed that a company without its own culture is too stupid to competitive with others. He also called on all staff to study and understand the connotation of our corporate culture and apply it to practice, continuously improve our ability and quality for better refined management and enterprise competitiveness for a century career of Jianbang.