Jianbang’s staff Participated in Houma Anti-drug Campaign

In order to further deepen the anti-drug work, improve people’s awareness of the danger of drugs for everyone’s ability of identifying and refusing drugs around the city, and create a drug-free society, an anti-drug campaign with the theme of “”A Healthy Me is Drug Free” was carried out on the morning of June 26 in Xintian Square, Houma City. It was the 32nd campaign for International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in Houma, which was held by Houma anti-drug commission office, Houma Court for People and Houma people’s procuratorate. Yuan Le, the administration manager of group’s general department, followed by over 20 reserve talents, participated in the campaign, and gave out pamphlets about anti-drug, hoping to enhance people’s ability to prevent drugs by getting to know related knowledge and improving their awareness of self-protection. On behalf of the office of drug control commission of Houma, Liu Daqing, the leader of anti-drug brigade in Houma, thanked Jianbang for its years of support for anti-drug work in the end. He hoped that the volunteers who participated today would publicize the anti-drug knowledge to everyone around them and ask them to say no to drugs.