Group Director and General Manager Were Awarded the Title of Shanxi Province Meritorious Entrepreneur in 2018

Recently, the Shanxi Entrepreneurs Day 2019 and the 27th Annual Meeting of Shanxi Enterprise Alliance was jointly held by Shanxi Provincial Enterprise Confederation and Shanxi Enterprise Directors Association in Taiyuan, on which the annual meritorious and outstanding entrepreneurs in Shanxi province were announced. Wu Xiaonian, the group director, and Zhang Rui, the general manager, were awarded the title of Shanxi Province Meritorious Entrepreneur of 2018.

A total of 132 meritorious entrepreneurs and 234 outstanding entrepreneurs in Shanxi were selected and commended, aiming to carry forward their spirit, stimulate entrepreneurial innovation, entrepreneurship and responsibility in new era, create a social with respect, consideration and support for entrepreneurs, and attract more entrepreneurs to lead enterprises to high-quality development.