Jianbang Carried out Emergency Drill of 2019

On the morning of June 22, Jianbang Group’s comprehensive emergency drill in 2019 was carried out in front of Tongcai Office Building, with some executives and officials in town visiting, including Sun Huisheng, a member of Quwo county party standing committee and the first deputy county head, Nie Lei, the secretary of Gaoxian town-level party committee, Chen Yong, the director of the county emergency management bureau, Fan Huijun, the director of the administration for market regulation, Wu Jianjun, the vice director of the ecological environment bureau, Ma Xinping, the deputy head of Gaoxian Town, Zhang Peng, the vice director of the county emergency management bureau, Zhang Rui, the group general manager, Zhang Xicheng,  the group’s director of production department and technology department, Li Yongjian, the secretary of the company’s party committee, and Zhang Guoxiang, an expert in comprehensive and standardized management.

First of all, Zhang Xicheng, the commander-in-chief of the drill delivered his speech. And Sun Huisheng, the deputy county head and a member of the county party committee, pointed out that the county party committee and county government has always attached such great importance to safety production that lots of achievements has been made in the past year, and the safety management has been further improved. He required Tongcai Company to take the safe production month in 2019 as an opportunity to be committed to production and development with safety, and to strive to better promote the regional economy and high-quality development of the society.

Subsequently, the drill teams of the company’s five major sub-factories did five emergency rescue drills including overhead fall, radiation accidents, mechanical injuries, gas explosion poisoning and desulfurization tower fire accidents. After that, Chen Yong, the director of the county emergency management bureau, affirmed the drill, and hoped that Tongcai would sum up the experience and learn from shortages, to continue improving the rescue plan. At last, Zhang Rui delivered a summary speech, pointing out that all staffs are safety conscious, and that there will be no happy life without safe production, which is the guarantee of a healthy development and staff’s well-being for a company. Based on this drill, he also called on all staff to do the safety work related to our own posts well in details to contribute to build a beautiful Quwo and a sweet home.