Standing Vice Manager of Liancheng Precision Visited Jianbang Foundry Company

Recently, Xie Yunlong, the standing vice manager of Shandong Liancheng Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd., visited Jianbang Foundry Company, followed by his party consisting of heads from purchasing, quality control and technology departments. Liu Liqiang, the general manager of the foundry company, and Cui Shaowu, the ductile iron manager, warmly welcomed and had a meeting with them at VIP room. Liu Liqiang introduced the history, production and management, product upgrades and production capacity and other situations about the company to the leaders. Later, Xie and his party conducted a field survey at the laboratory, pig machine, main control room for blast furnace, iron storage and other spots, and delved deeper about product quality control, raw material management and other respects. Xie spoke highly of the company’s corporate culture, management model and on-site environment, and hoped that two companies could strengthen exchanges and cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and common development taking this visit as an opportunity.