Members of Emerging Social Strata in Houma Carried Out the Study on “Better Environment, Better Factory” in Jianbang Group

Recently, members of Emerging Social Strata following Yue Chaomei, the vice director of the united front work department of CPC Houma Municipal Committee, came to Jianbang Group to carry out a study on “Better Environment, Better Factory”, and welcomed and accompanied by Liu Liqiang, the the director of group’s general department and general manager of the foundry company, and Dui Ruijie, the administration manager of general department. They went to the party construction cultural corridor, 45MW power generation project, ductile iron storage, 5-million-ton integrated raw material plant, 1860m3 blast furnace cast house, main control center for steel making, product exhibition hall and dual high speed wire rod rolling production line in the company for the study.

In the international conference room, Liu Liqiang, the group’s general manager gave a detailed report on the history, technical equipment level, information automation construction, product category as well as safety and environmental work of the company. Yue Meichao spoke highly of group’s work and said that the study is mainly about knowing the environmental protection and green and low carbon development of the company. He hoped that Jianbang could continue to carry out the work for environmental protection, promote the development of enterprise energy conservation, and contribute more to Houma’s social and economic development as well as  ecological environment improvement as a leader.