Expanding Overseas Resources, Consolidating the Foundation for Development

Resources Development Documentary of TOP IRON PTY LTD Company under Jianbang Group
Jianbang in Australia

Report on Resources Development of TOP IRON PTY LTD

In early June, an investigation group led by Zhang Rui, the general manager of Jianbang, arrived at Perth, Australia for a site visit. The members of the group are Jiang Jiangchen, the deputy general manager of Zhontye Changtian International Engineering Co., Ltd., Fan Jiajie, a geological engineer of Zhongye Changtian, Wei Liming, the deputy general manager of Shandong Huate Magnet Technology Co., Ltd, Sun Xiaoxuan, the executive director of Sinosteel Australia Ltd., Jiang Gongyang, the general manager of SINOSTEEL MECC Australia, Pan Rong, the project manager assistant of Sinosteel Australia Ltd., Jiang Jiang, the manager of Ruiganglian Co., Ltd., Dai Rui, the general management of Oz Minerals Ltd., Qiu Xiaojun, the deputy director of various business department and the general manager of Shandong Liubang industrial Co., Ltd., Li Dong, the general manager of Shandong Jianbang Union Import and Export Co., Ltd., and Jia Guoqing, the general manager of Lianyungang Juheng International Trade Co., Ltd.. Cheng Xianglin, the TOP IRON CEO, Liu Bin, the manager in mining area, and Zhou Feng, the president assistant, accompanied them on the visit. Despite a tiring journey, the leaders and experts of the investigation group listened to Cheng Xianglin’s report on the location, logistics conditions, resources, equipment installation and working situations in Mamalu mining area and Yalgoo gold mine for recent years. Besides, they visited industrial parks, ports and warehouse storage in Geralton accompanied by the mayor. They also went to Mamalu  mining area to carefully evaluate the mineral processing, improvement measures and plans. On the front line of mining work, Zhang Rui led the geological expert team to survey the ore of Mount Gibson Iron Ltd. and learn about the geological structure, vein orientation and resource endowment of Yalgoo gold mining area.

At the expert meeting, Zhang Rui pointed out that the development of Australian resources has always been an important strategic choice for our corporation. The on-site visit in Australia shows our willing to respect market rules, scientifically determine the mineral processing plan, and concentrate on rational use of resources. We are going to ensure the maximum development and utilization of mineral resources in Australia, and further consolidate the foundation of Jianbang Group’s century career.