Jianbang Group’s Commendation Meeting for Production Line Cost Reduction, Technical Innovation, and Resource Saving in May Held

On the morning of May 14, the group’s commendation meeting in May for production line cost reduction, technical innovation, and resource saving was held in the meeting center on the fourth floor in the training center, presided by Du Ruijie, the group administrative manager, with over 400 staff attending. At the meeting, Qi Zhipan, who’s from the technical department, He Changyong and Qiu Junpeng, who come from the production department, and Wang Guopeng, Who comes from general department, respectively reported on technological innovation, repairing the old and utilizing the waste, production cost and essay campaign about corporate culture values in May. Then they carried out commendation. Representing their units, Wang Haiyan and Jiao Jie, who come from the power plant, and Liu Daiwen, who’s from the iron making plant, delivered their speeches. In the end, Chang Chongbin, the director of finance department and diversified business department, extend his congratulations to winners and thanked them for their hard work representing the group. He pointed out that innovation is so crucial to the corporation’s long-term success that Jianbang has always been taking it as the core value of development and sticking to holding commendation meeting to honor innovative achievements.

In the past five years, we have completed thousands of various technological innovation projects, created hundreds of millions of economic benefits, and provided continuous support for enterprises to continuously increase production and increase efficiency and make great strides. In the future, we will continue to work hard on innovation, painstakingly pursue technological innovation, boldly manage innovation and exploration, aim at refined management, continuously deepen internal management reform, continue to promote all employees’ performance improvement, overcome difficulties, achieve breakthroughs, and be solid and reliable. The performance has made great strides toward the dream of a century career.