Director and General Manager of Changge Fuxing Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd. Visited Jianbang

On June 12th, Gao Hongqi, the vice chairman of the Wuxiang County CPPCC, Li Aimin, the director of economic commission of Wuxiang County CPPCC, and Zhang Mingxiu, the director of the small and medium enterprise service center in Wuxiang County, went to Tongcai Company for visiting, accompanied by Li Jihong, the vice chairman of Quwo County CPPCC, and Zhangxiang, the director of Quwo County Bureau of Industry and Information Technology. Du Ruijie, the group administrative manager and external affairs manager, extended warm welcome and accompanied them on the visit of product exhibition hall and 1.8 million-ton dual high speed wire rod rolling production line.

At the site of dual high speed wire rod rolling production line, a guide gave a detailed introduction to the company’s wide range of products, advanced equipment level and production process for Gao Hongqi. Later, Du Ruijie gave a detailed report to Gao on the company’s history, future development, concept of delicacy management, personnel training and social work. Gao praised for Tongcai’s Standardized management, advanced equipment, leading technology and competitive products. He hoped that as a modern steel enterprise, Tongcai Company could stick to innovation-driven development, continuously improve its comprehensive competitiveness, promote regional industrial transformation and upgrading with its own development, and contribute more to social economy in this region.