The Secretary of Non-public-owned Enterprise Above Designated Size Party Branch of Houma Visited Jianbang Group Party Branch

Recently, Wang Jianwu, the deputy secretary of the non-public party committee of Houma City, led some secretaries of eight non-public-owned enterprise above designated size party branches in Houma including Hui Feng, Tang Rong, Huan Da, Hua Qiang, to visit Jianbang Group’s party branch. Liu Liqiang, the secretary of group’s party branch and director of group’s general department, welcomed them and introduced the basic information, history and recent activities about our branch. Later, they visited the party construction cultural corridor and had a meeting in the party members’ activity room. At the meeting, the secretaries of other party branches thought highly of Jianbang Group’s party building atmosphere, theme party day activities and corporate culture, and made statements. In the end, Wang Jianwu said that as one of the earliest organizations in Houma to make achievements in both party building and management, the Party branch of Jianbang Group is an example for other non-public enterprises to learn. Through today’s observation and study,  everyone has realized their own shortages and learned experience. It is necessary to give full play to the support and protection of grassroots party organizations and promote the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises.