Effective Organization made Steelmaking Maintenance More Efficient

The large angle belt No.1 in the feed transfer station of the steelmaking plant, Which usually carries the important task of conveying lime, quicklime, light-burned magnesia and other auxiliary materials, affects the production rhythm of the entire plant. Therefore, changing it is an examination for the plant’s repair ability. Recently, the maintenance team of the smelting workshop replaced the belt based on the plan, costing 9 hours and a half, which was quicker than last time by 3 hours, and shorter than the planned time by one and a half hour, greatly improved efficiency and saved time for steel production.

The maintenance team worked hard to complete the maintenance perfectly. They started pre-measurement two days in advance, developed a scientific operation plan, and even took time to simulate, to ensure accurate operation and time for each step. At the same time, they also made flexible use of TnPM case and removed the parts that could be removed in advance before the maintenance to cut down the work in the main construction period. Finally, with accurate calculation in the early stage, scientific plan, normative operation, backup methods and considerable support, the maintenance team obtained satisfactory results.

Delicacy management benefits most. The replacement of No.1 large angle belt required 3 days with the whole plant’s strength, then 20 hours with the effort of all the maintainers in three major workshops, then later 12 hours and a half for smelting workshop’s maintainers, and now 9 hours and a half with the work of the maintenance team. The shortening of time not only reflected the rapid progress of the maintainers’ skills and team execution, but also showed great improvement on group’s delicacy management in recent years, which was the achievement Jianbang made in learning and building the team.

Delicacy management never stops. From backward smelting methods to leading technological equipment in the region, from poor production environment to the environmentally friendly, safe and low-carbon Jianbang Metallurgical Industrial Park, Jianbang is now holding high the banner of delicacy management and technological breakthroughs to build the group a century-old enterprise, becoming bigger, stronger and more normative.