Firing Ceremony of Blast Furnace No.3 held in Tongcai Company

On the morning of June 8th, the firing ceremony of the blast furnace No.3 in Tongcai Company, which was presided by Li Yongjian, the company’s secretary of the party committee, was successfully held in the 1800m3 blast furnace cast house, with over 100 staff attending, including Zhang Rui, some middle-level and above cadres as well as some representatives from company’s cooperators.

Several executives gave their speeches at the ceremony, including Hong Xiaofei, the project manager of SINOSTEEL MECC, who’s the general contractor for this maintenance, Wei Hongyu, the director of Tongcai Iron Making Plant, Zhang Xicheng, the group’s director of production department and technology department, Wu Huiqing, the group’s director of development department, chief engineer, and also the project director, Zhang Guoxiang, the expert for group’s comprehensive standardization management project, and Zhang Rui, the company’s general manager.

In his speech, Zhang Rui thanked the cooperators and employees of the company who had participated in the maintenance for their excellent work at first. He pointed out that despite the formidable task in a tight schedule, difficult skills and complex working environment, the team has given satisfactory results, laying a solid foundation for the company to complete planned production. With the support of the company and cooperators, it took only 50 days to complete all the planned tasks, creating a new record for domestic blast furnace maintenance. He stressed that the firing ceremony was a sign of an ending for maintenance work in Tongcai Company and the transition to full-scale resumption of production, which requires all the staff to work hard sticking to the policy of delicacy management and technological breakthroughs, to make create first-class indicators in China, and to make more contributions to the company’s further production and efficiency.

At last, Zhang Rui finished lighting the fire himself. Blast furnace No.3 of Tongcai Company was finally put into operation.