Jianbang Group Held Feasibility Study Reporting and Review meeting for Bangtuo Project in Dongjiakou Port in Qingdao

On the morning of June 4th, the feasibility study reporting and review meeting for Bangtuo Project in Dongjiakou Port, Qingdao was successfully held in Jianbang’s international conference room, presided by Qiu Xiaojun, the deputy director of various business departments. Yao Yuan, the assistant manager of Shougang international metallurgical branch and the marketing director, Liang Liang, the deputy general manager of Zheshang Development Group, Xu Ming, the manager in Beijing of metal business department of ITOCHU (China) Holding Co., Ltd, and Zhao Junfeng, the director of the pellet operation department of Baotou Steel, attended the meeting, and welcomed by Zhang Rui, the general manager of Jianbang Group, and Chang Chongbin, the director of finance department and diversified business department, Wu Huiqing, the director of development planning department and the chief engineer, and Qiu Xiaojun, the deputy director of diversified business department.

On behalf of the group, Zhang Rui extended a warm welcome to those who attended the meeting at first. Qiu Xiaojun, as the project manager, gave an overview of the project, which was jointly established by Jianbang Group, Zheshang Development Group, Ruiganglian Group, ITOCHU (China) Holding Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Port Group Co., Ltd.. Bangtuo project has a total investment of 1.6 billion yuan, supporting the construction of 4-million-ton belt type pellet calcining machine and a 5-million-ton beneficiation plant, which attracted more money than the other two plants built in coastal ports by Jianbang. Later, Yao Yuan presented the project’s design, process and technical indicators in detail.

During the meeting, all parties agreed to cooperate to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, and strive to make the project an example of multi-stakeholder cooperation and win-win result.