Graduation Ceremony Held for Trainees of CCEPC’s Tianjin Rongcheng Project by Jianbang Vocational Training School

Jianbang Vocational Training School recently held a graduation ceremony for about 60 trainees participating in Tianjin Rongcheng Project supported by China City Environment Protection Engineering Limited Company (shortened to CCEPC hereinafter) on the third floor in Jianbang Group training center. Wang Guopeng, the enterprise manager and training manager of the general department, Wu Zhenjun, the director of the energy power plant, Gao Xiufang, the principal of Jianbang Vocational Training School in Linfen, and Wang Haiyan, an engineer who works for the power- generating workshop in the energy power plant, attended the ceremony.

The trainees were trained in two batches and studied in the positions about  for two months. The ceremony was hosted by Wang Haiyan, who read out the students’ completion results and internship evaluation. President Gao Xiufang congratulated the trainees who successfully completed the internship, affirmed their achievements, and raised hopes for their work and study in the future. Director Wu Zhenjun issued certificates for the trainees. The trainee leader Li Zhongliang made a speech. He expressed his gratitude to the leaders and masters of Jianbang Group for their hard work and care during the internship, and said that they would apply the professional knowledge and skills acquired during the internship in Jianbang to work in the future. At the end, manager Wang Guopeng affirmed the friendship and cooperation between Jianbang Group and CCEPC, and hoped to strengthen communication in the future, and ultimately achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. After the ceremony, the leaders and trainees took group photos in front of the training school.