Second Post Competition for Jianbang Group’s Reserve Talents Carried on in Group Training Center

The second post competition for Jianbang Group’s reserve talents was recently carried on smoothly on the third floor in the multimedia classroom in group’s training center, with over 40 trainees graduated from Jianbang training school participating in. Liu Liqiang, the director of group’s general department and general manager of the foundry company, Wang Guopeng, the enterprise manager and training manager of the general department, Wang Yongbu, the human resource manager of the general department, Gao Xiufang, the principal of Jianbang Vocational Training School and the general directors of group’s five major factories attended the competition.

As an important achievement of the group’s comprehensive and standardized management system reform, the reserve talent developing and selecting is not only a bold practice for standard talent system construction and advanced reserve talent training mechanism, but also a demonstration of Jianbang’s idea of having talents with characteristics. This is the second time for reserve talents to compete posts in the group.

Most reserve talents have already gone to various positions and devoted themselves to their work, freshening up the company. In the competition, the candidates made speeches about their working experience, advantages and vision for future work. Impassioned or unpretentious, their speeches showed their confidence and determination for getting the posts. Some of them even answered the sharp questions raised by judges perfectly with humorous, demonstrating their excellent mentality and personal abilities. In the end, the competition was successfully concluded after the last candidate completed his defense.

According to the plan, the training class of Jianbang Vocational Training School for the third time is currently under preparation, which will recruit a large number of outstanding young people to make them reserve talents. Jianbang Group is willing to provide opportunities for young people to display their talents and work together with us for our dreams.