Group Chairman visited Puxian Branch Attending Firing Ceremony of Blast Furnace
(Jianbang Group Chairman Wu and his party visited Puxian Branch of Jianbang Foundry, attending Firing Ceremony of Blast Furnace)

On the afternoon of May 27th, Zhang Yunfei, the risk manager of Jinshang Bank and his party visited Jianbang Group, and held a meeting with Zhang Rui, the group general manager and Han Chuanchun, the investment manager of the development planning department in Jianbang’s international conference room.

At the meeting, Zhang Rui extended a warm welcome to Zhang Yunfei and his party, and then briefly introduced the history, environmental governance, technology upgrades and product development of Jianbang Group. Zhang Yunfei thanked Zhang Rui for that and praised the achievements of Jianbang Group in recent years. He also said that Jinshang Bank highly value the relationship between the leading enterprises in Shanxi Province such as Jianbang Group which owns admirable enterprise development philosophy and has made an important contribution to increasing local economic income. He, representing the bank, is looking forward to further communication and friendship. Zhang Rui expressed the same wish as well.

On the morning of May 30th, Wu Xiaonian, the Jianbang Group chairman, Liu Liqiang, the director of general department and general manager of the foundry company, Zhang Xicheng, the director of production department and technology department, Han Chuanchun, the investment manager of development planning department, and Wang Qingbang, the director of iron making plant visited Puxian Branch of Jianbang Foundry Company, where they were welcomed by Xue Fengkui, the secretary of Puxian county CPC committee, Chen Yuzhuang, the director of Puxian county NPC standing committee, Zhang Peng, the chairman of Puxian County Political Consultative Conference, Xi Jianghong and Zhang Jinlong, the deputy chief of Puxian County, and Cheng Shengli, the director of county bureau of economy and informatization. Together they attened the firing ceremony of blast furnace, and had a meeting after the successful ceremony.

During the meeting, Xue expressed warm welcome to chairman Wu and his party, and together with Wu, they congratulated on the successful firing ceremony. The two sides also discussed the history, product development, patent application and tax affairs of Jianbang Group. Xue expressed his appreciation for the achievements Jianbang Group has made in recent years, and thanked Jianbang Group for investing in Puxian County. He said that Puxian will continue to provide the Puxian branch with a quality business environment and services to help it develop and grow stronger. Chairman Wu Xiaonian expressed his gratitude to the Puxian County CPC Committee and the county government for their concern and support during the construction of the blast furnace. He committed himself on forging Puxian branch into a top local private enterprise to benefit Puxian’s economy and society.