MPI Vice President Visited Jianbang Group

On May 25th, Xiao Bangguo, the vice president of China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute (shortened to MPI hereinafter) and his party visited JianBang Group, sharing ideas about the strategy of enterprise standardization and high-quality development for steel products with some executives who extended warm welcome including Zhang Xicheng, the director of production department and technology department, Wang Guopeng, the enterprise manager and training manager, Zhang Chongyao, the director of Tongcai Rolling Plant and the production manager of production department, and Su Zhihui, the sales manager of the business department.

During the meeting, Zhang Xicheng thanked Xiao for visiting Jianbang, and then briefly introduced the development, product upgrades, environmental governance and standardization management about the group. Xiao expressed his gratitude for the reception and thoughtful arrangement saying that establishing and improving the enterprise standard system will effectively improve product quality, standardize the steel industry order, and optimize the enterprise development environment. Therefore, MPI will offer better standardization strategy and high-quality development strategy for steel products to such outstanding private enterprises as Jianbang Group.

Zhang Xicheng pointed out that focusing on enterprise standardization means focusing on product quality, which is the lifeblood of an enterprise. Jianbang Group will strengthen exchanges and cooperation with MPI on many aspects such as cost reduction and efficiency improvement, equipment management, intellectual property management, hoping to enhance communication on development planning, progress in general management and achieve common development with the help of MPI’s technical strength and experience.