Chairman of County Political Consultative Conference visited Tongcai Company

On May 23rd, Fei Xiangqian, the chairman of County Political Consultative Conference, and Li Jihong and Meng Haihe, the vice chairman, followed by some other members, visited Tongcai Company, where they were welcomed and accompanied by Li Yongjian and Zhang Shuangxi. Li is one of the standing committee members of the County Political Consultative Conference and the company’s secretary of the party committee, and Zhang is the director of Supervising, auditing and legal affairs office.

During the visiting, Li Yongjian extended a warm welcome to Fei Xiangqian and his party, and then briefly introduced the operation, product development, technology upgrades and environmental governance about the Jianbang Group. In the private enterprise supporting office in county procuratorate, Li and a county procuratorate committee member named Zhang Lei, who’s also a procurator, made a report about company’s work on legal construction and the service provided by county procuratorate to the company. Later, Fei highly appreciated the achievements of Tongcai company in law construction, and asked the accompanying officials from county government and the procuratorate functional departments to maintain excellent service and protect the legitimate rights and interests of outstanding enterprises like Tongcai.

In the end, Fei said that County Political Consultative Conference would actively create conditions and provide services in order to support the development and growth of Tongcai company. At the same time, it is hoped that together with County Political Consultative Conference, Tongcai could contribute to the economic and social development of the county.