Puxian Branch Sent Core Members to Visit Group and Learn

Ding Zhiqing, the vice director of Puxian Jianbang Foundry Branch,has recently led 40 core staff to visit the foundry company and Tongcai Company to learn. Representing Liu Liqiang, the general manager of the foundry company, Yuan Le, the administration manager of group’s general department, warmly welcomed Ding Zhiqing and his party and accompanied them to watch group’s corporate video and visit places such as the 45MW power generation project of the foundry company, the JB pure iron storage, the foundry No.2 blast furnace in iron making plant , built Jianbang Xuefu District, Jianbang Xiangyang District,  the Special Purpose Railway, 5 million ton integrated raw material plant, the main control room in steel plant, the general energy dispatching room, and product exhibition hall.

In every place on the visit, Ding and his party inquired in detail about the production process, work flow, related equipment and environmental prevention. They have conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with relevant professionals such as Zhang Chongyao, the the director of Tongcai Rolling Plant and the production manager of production department, and Xia Yunfeng, the director of wire workshop in Tongcai Rolling Plant.

After the visit, Ding and his party expressed that they were proud to be a member of Jianbang Group. They said that through this visit, they saw the achievements Jianbang Group has made on enterprise development, corporate culture, factory environment, product development, professional talent training and personnel management. They also figured out their own shortcomings, and the advanced concept worth learning for the branch, which would draw on the great management experience and operation methods to contribute more to itself and Jianbang Group.