Vice Director of Linfen Municipal Ecological environment Bureau Visited Tongcai Company Conducting Research

On the afternoon of May 17th, Zhao Suli, the vice director of Linfen Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau and her party visited Tongcai Company to conduct research and guidance on unorganized emission management and emission reduction in 2019. Some executives accompanied them on the research, including Li Yongjian, the company’s secretary of the party committee, Zhang Xicheng, the director of production department and technology department, Wei Hongyu, the director of Tongcai Iron Making Plant, and Yan Genxiu, the director of the safety and environmental protection department.

During the meeting, Li Yongjian extended warm welcome to Zhao Suli and her party, then briefly introduced corporate culture, product development, environmental governance of the company, especially the work on unorganized emission controlling and managing and emission reduction in 2019. Zhao appreciated company’s effort, saying that it is necessary to attach great importance to environmental protection, to be fully aware of current environmental protection situation, and to be risk-conscious. The company should carefully sort out its environmental problems and follow the schedule for related work, to ensure that the assigned tasks will be finished on time.

After the meeting, Zhao and her party visited the 5 million ton integrated raw material plant accompanied by Li and other executives.