General Manager of Mingli Mining Co., Ltd. in Daixian County Visited Jianbang Group

Recently, Liu Haijun, the general manager of Mingli Mining Co., Ltd. in Daixian County and his party visited Jianbang Group. Zhang Rui, the group general manager and Liu Liqiang, the director of group’s general department and general manager of the foundry company, welcomed them and held a meeting in the international conference room.

At the meeting, Zhang Rui extended warm welcome to Liu Haijun and his party. He briefly introduced the production and operation, process flow, industrial structure adjustment, safety and environmental protection of the company. Liu Haijun affirmed the achievements Jianbang Group has made. The two sides also conducted in-depth and detailed discussions on their core strengths and development prospects, reached many consensuses, and made arrangements for following cooperation. The two sides agreed to establish a formal, comprehensive and long-term friendship, and deepen cooperation at a broader and higher level, to achieve a win-win result.

After the meeting, accompanied by Liu Liqiang and Du Ruijie, Liu Haijun and his party visited JB iron storage, the special purpose railway, the 5-million-ton integrated raw material plant, and product exhibition hall.