Jianbang Group’s April Commendation Meeting for Production Line Cost Reduction, Technical Innovation, and Resource Saving

On the morning of May 14, the group’s commendation meeting in April for production line cost reduction, technical innovation, and resource saving was held on the fourth floor in the training center, presided by Du Ruijie, the group administrative manager, with 420 people attending, including middle and high-level leaders and award-winning units and individuals. Qi Zhipan, who’s from the technical department, He Changyong and Qiu Junpeng, who come from the production department, respectively reported on technological innovation projects, repairing the old and utilizing the waste, production, cost, and performance completion in April. The company’s leaders then presented awards to the winners. At the meeting, the advanced representatives shared their experience; Wang Guopeng from the group’s comprehensive department, publicized the group’s performance system. Finally, Liu Liqiang, the head of the Group’s comprehensive department and general manager of the foundry company, congratulated to the units and individuals who won the award. and pointed out all participants should publicize the group’s performance system to every employee in each department and make greater contributions to the development of the company.