General Assistant Manager of the Financial Center of China Railway 12 Bureau Group Visited Jianbang Group

Guo Xiaohong, the general assistant manager of the Financial Center of China Railway 12 Bureau Group Co., Ltd., Xie Mingxu, the director of the materials department of Jian’an Company, Wang Yan, the chief economist of material company, Hou Zhiwei, the director of business department the material company, and Zhang Binbin, the director of direct marketing department, visited Jianbang Group. Su Zhihui, the group sales company manager and Yang Qianqian, the building materials product manager warmly received and accompanied the meeting.

At the meeting, Su Zhihui extended a warm welcome to Guo and his party, and briefly introduced the situation of enterprise development, product development and sales, logistics and distribution, as well as the company’s operational transformation achievements and future vision. Guo thanked Su for his warm reception. He pointed out that Jianbang Group’s management philosophy, development ideas, innovation awareness and management level are worth learning from the relevant departments of China Railway 12th Bureau. At present, the China Railway 12th Bureau constantly optimizes the business environment and service level, and hopes to continue to tap the potential of cooperation with Jianbang Group in the future and ultimately achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

After the meeting, Deputy General Manager Guo Xiaohong and his team accompanied by Yang Qianqian, the company’s building materials product manager, visited the general-purpose steel products warehouse, bar line, raw material site and railway special line.