Jianbang Group Won the Title of “Excellent Construction Steel Production Enterprise” in 2019

China Metallurgical News published the 2019 China Steel Brand List. Shanxi Jianbang Group’s products have won the title of “Excellent Construction Steel Production Enterprise” by for its excellent quality. It was reported that the brand selection of China Metallurgical Newspapers strictly follows the principles of fairness, openness and fairness, based on the previous year’s business operations and the public opinions collected by WeChat voting, as well as the opinions and suggestions of industry experts, and considered the overall benefits of the industry in 2018. The objective situation of greatly improving, thus more truly reflecting the brand influence of related companies.

Jianbang Group always adheres to the business philosophy of “Quality, Customer, and honesty comes first to get win-win result. Through internal management and external image, we constantly improve product quality.In the production and operation, we will keep up with the development of the industry, give full play to our own advantages, persist in reform and innovation, transform and upgrade, and develop a development path suitable for our own characteristics.In recent years, Jianbang Group has further improved its market share and brand influence through continuous efforts. With excellent quality, it has successively been in the railway, Wanwan Railway, Lalin Railway, Baolan Passenger, Menghua Railway, etc. Users have been well received in the construction of national and local projects.In the future, the company will further focus on product quality, use energy-saving quality as a means to accelerate the pace of technological innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction, green environmental protection, and cleaner production, and take the road of sustainable development, and strive to build a nationally renowned steel private enterprise.