Director of Publicity and Education Department of Linfen Municipal People’s Procuratorate Visited the Company

Recently, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the company in accordance with the law, to create a healthy environment for the development of the rule of law, and to further enhance the company’s legal risk prevention capabilities, Liu Junping, the director of the Linfen Department of Education of the People’s Procuratorate, accompanied by Chen Wei, the director of the Political Department of the County People’s Procuratorate, came to the company. In the investigation, Zhang Shuangxi, the director of the company’s supervision and auditing legal department, warmly received and accompanied the meeting.

At the meeting, Zhang Shuangxi briefly introduced the company’s production and operation, rule of law construction, management and operation, etc. Liu Junping highly affirmed the achievements of the development of the generalist company, and made a brief introduction to “protecting the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and entrepreneurs in accordance with the law and creating a special environment for the healthy development of the rule of law”, and conveying the relevant policies of the provincial and municipal caring about enterprises. It expounds the procuratorate’s procuratorial functions around combat, prevention, supervision, education, protection, etc., and safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of such excellent private enterprises as Tongcai Company in many aspects, from multiple angles and in many measures.

The two sides also conducted in-depth exchanges on how to promote the “inspection of enterprises and enterprises” and the construction of family-friendly new-type inspections and relations with the city and county procuratorial organs to ensure the escort of high-quality development.