Wang Jian, electrician repair workshop of ironworks

Wang Jian is an electrician in the electrical repair workshop of an ironmaking plant. Although he is just an ordinary electrician, he used 8 years of dedication to write one after another. Dedication is more than just working overtime. Dedication is not just a matter of working hard. Dedication is to regard one’s work as a spiritual experience.

Do a good job in every maintenance, do a good job in every inspection, pick up every line and send every electricity. In his story, there was no big event, but he left behind a reliable, reassuring and conscientious figure for every colleague he worked with. With every 8 years and every little thing, I have turned my mediocrity into excellence. The ancients cloud: no silicon step, without a thousand miles. Starting from me, starting from small things, starting from this moment, this is dedication, this is the greatest extraordinary.

“He often said, “I didn’t do much.” Since joining the factory, comrade Wang Jian has become a professional electrician from the beginning of the rookie electrician. Behind him is the result of his hard study and hard work in the past 8 years. In the case of the failure of the belt equipment in the material field, when the feeding mouth is often pressed and the labor intensity is large, he voluntarily studies the process flow of the belt and puts forward the control of the belt interlocking, which eliminates the problem of the constant pressure of the outlet. At the same time, it also greatly relieves the labor intensity of the staff and wins more time for the supply. Yes, he didn’t do anything, but he did anything. This is him, a common and unconventional founder.”

Since the company’s implementation of TnPM, Wang Jian and the TnPM liaison officer of the part-time raw material electrical group, in his guidance, everyone has realized what is the visualization of the set – up, what is the root of the 6 source, and the essence of what is the TnPM. Under his guidance, he made the electrical class of raw materials for the TnPM demonstration area of the branch plant, and received the high praise from the branch factory, the company and the experts and teachers of the University. He is always humble to tell you: spotless, at a glance, TnPM work has no end, we are still on the road.

Duty and duty, comrade Wang Jian, an ordinary employee of the construction state, let us know another kind of vigorous, not a striking, not a victory, control the global hegemonic, but in this ordinary post the interpretation of the true meaning of the dedication, in this ordinary post every one. Do everything in the working day.